Jai Courtney weeps as Terminator Terminated

Left to right: Emilia Clarke plays Sarah Connor, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator, and Jai Courtney plays Kyle Reese in Terminator Genisys from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

I think we’ve already covered this, or at least anticipated it, but according to The New York Daily News the “Terminator : Genisys” sequel is dead. That, I think, was a given when it was announced a few weeks back that franchise godfather James Cameron and Tim Miller would be teaming on a new incarnation of “Terminator”.

The original plan, you may recall, was for “Terminator : Genisys” to be the first chapter in a three-part story. Arnie Schwarzenegger’s ‘Pops’ would be a central character, alongside Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney’s Kyle Reese. They were also talking about spinning the film off into a TV-series.

The first of the “Genisys” sequels was due in theaters this year, May in fact, where “Baywatch” is now opening, but Paramount quickly removed it from the schedule once the suits agreed they weren’t as passionate for it as they were Zac Efron in a speedo.

“It is over for The Terminator and Arnold. The studio has taken the sequel off the production slate completely, meaning there is no preproduction or any plans for another sequel. The talent had been offered long term deals, but this is not happening. The Genisys movie was seen as a way of reviving (the franchise), but the critics were not happy and somehow the studio bosses fell out of love with making more, even though they made huge profits.”

Personally, I’m as crazy excited as Gary Busey at a caffeine convention that Cameron and Miller are going to reboot the series. They’re kill it. Also, Paramount are being smart to leave the “Genisys” storyline here. They stuffed it. The studio didn’t support that script – which was reportedly terrific – the way they needed to; the thing was written huge, almost ‘epic’ like, and it was clear from what on screen that Paramount only threw a few bucks at the production, either fearing there was no interest in a “Terminator” movie these days, worried that the ‘Schwarzenegger’ name wouldn’t put bums on seats these days, or quite simply, wanted to cut corners so they could save the big bucks for the marketing job ahead of them on the new “Transformers” movie. The film played small, it was choppy, and there was a good amount of passion missing. The screenwriters are the ones to feel sorry for here, they wrote something rather novel and had their words turned into a cost-cutting exercise. If the studio had gotten behind the idea, they could’ve resurrected the series as originally proposed.

There’s no word on whether Schwarzenegger, pushing 70, will be back in Cameron & Miller’s “Terminator” but even without the big guy I think we can guarantee that nobody’s going to cost-cutting or making short-cuts on a Jim Cameron movie. Sure, it might take him thirteen years to get the movie done but at least it’ll be decent.

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