Jake Gyllenhall to play Spider-Man villain Mysterio

Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to play the villain in the next “Spider-Man” film, Deadline confirmed today.

The “Stronger” actor will play Mysterio in the “Spider-Man : Homecoming” sequel, starring alongside Tom Hollander’s web-slinger.

The character of Mysterio – first surfacing in Marvel comics in 1964 – is described as a “bubble-headed bad guy” and a “master of illusion and deception”.

The “Spider-Man” film, which sees Jon Watts back at the helm, releases July 5, 2019.

Those with a good memory will recall that, many years ago, Gyllenhaal was rumoured for the role of Spider-Man himself. When Tobey Maguire suffered a back in jury, and the producers wondered whether he’d be able to reprise Peter Parker for “Spider-Man 2”, Gyllenhaal was reportedly approached as a back-up.

While this is Gyllenhaal’s first superhero movie, he was offered the rock of Rick Flagg in Warner’s “Suicide Squad” after Tom Hardy dropped out of the film. Gyllenhaal would ultimnately pass on the role, which the studio ultimately placing Joel Kinnaman in the part.

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