Jamie Foxx, Scott Eastwood, Robert De Niro & John Leguizamo set for Tin Soldier

One of the big offerings at Cannes this week

Jamie Foxx stars as ‘Little John’ in ROBIN HOOD. Photo by: Larry Horricks.

Jamie Foxx, Scott Eastwood, Robert De Niro, and John Leguizamo are teaming for Brad ‘The Lincon Lawyer’ Furhman’s latest, “Tin Soldier”.

Being spruiked at Cannes, the production kicks off its shoot next week in Greece.

Universal Pictures

Per Deadline, “Tin Soldier” tells the story of “The Bokushi (Foxx), who preaches to hundreds of veterans who have been drawn to the promise of protection and purpose under him. Surrounded by his devout military-trained followers, he has built an impenetrable fortress and amassed an arsenal of weapons. After several failed infiltration attempts, the government – in the form of military operative Emmanuel Ashburn (De Niro) – recruits Nash Cavanaugh (Eastwood), an ex-special forces asset, who was once a disciple of The Bokushi. Nash agrees to use his vulnerable past and insider knowledge of the enigmatic leader to finally get revenge on the man who took everything from him, including the love of his life.”

Jess Fuerst scripted.

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