Joe Manganiello dumped as Deathstroke!?

Before “Justice League” went kaboom, “True Blood” alum Joe Manganiello was hired to play Deathstroke – in an end-credits sequence that would set up the villain’s fatter role in forthcoming DC movies, including Ben Affleck-starrer “The Batman” and a standalone ‘Slade’ flick.

With Zack Snyder’s all-star superhero film flopping, and “The Batman” no longer an Affleck vehicle (let alone connected to the previous incarnation of Brucie Boy), we’ve assumed as much but seems Manganiello is indeed gone from the DCEU.

We Got This Covered hears that the “Magic Mike” actor is no longer attached to play Slade Wilson and the part will likely be recast.

Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke

Now, here at We Got This Covered we’ve heard word that WB is looking to start fresh with Slade Wilson and are hoping to recast the role for good sometime in the near future. Apparently, there’s still a chance Idris Elba could be playing Deathstroke in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Originally, it was said that the Hobbs & Shaw actor would replace Will Smith as Deadshot, but later the role was entirely rewritten so Elba could put his own spin on a different character.

If that doesn’t happen though, Deathstroke could also pop up in the upcoming live action Teen Titans movie portrayed by a completely new actor, which seems just as likely. The masked assailant has long been connected to the group of young heroes, evening appearing in the animated Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, where he was voiced by LEGO Batman actor Will Arnett of all people.

For the time being, it looks Warner Bros. has more than enough options for introducing a new take on Deathstroke to the big screen. While it’s a truly a shame we’ll never get to see what Manganiello could do with the villain, maybe a fresh start is for the best?

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