John Carpenter teases The Fog 2

Coolest news of the day : John Carpenter says there’s been “talks” of a sequel to his 1980 spooker “The Fog”.

At the same time, the horror and synthesizer maestro says there’s been chatter about sequels and follow-ups to many of his films – –  he even got involved in the recent “Halloween” revival – – so the idea might have already been flirted with and forgotten. Still, a legacy direct, direct follow-up to the Adrienne Barbeau-starring classic? Tasty!

“There’s been talk of a sequel to The Fog. There’s been talk of sequels for a bunch of my movies,” Carpenter tells NME. “They just haven’t happened yet because of various reasons.”

He adds, “But yeah, we’ve talked about them and I’m open to them.”

There was, you’ll recall, a shifty remake a few years ago – one that even it’s lead star has panned on occasion.

If there’s interest in reviving some of the Carpenter classics, can we please get an “Escape from New York” sequel— with the original Snake Plissken, Kurt Russell? I’m not anti-reboot, not at all, I just don’t think there’s any need for a complete redo of the original when Russell and Carpenter are still alive and likely willing.

Written by Carpenter and Debra Hill, “The Fog” told of an unearthly fog that rolls into a small coastal town exactly 100 years after a ship mysteriously sank in its waters.

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