Katherine Heigl keen to reprise one of her most popular characters

Well, we know which one it isn’t.

Former “Grey’s Anatomy” star Katherine Heigl had a good run on the bigscreen there for a couple of years with rom-coms like “Knocked Up”, “The Ugly Truth” and “27 Dresses” – and it’s that last one that the actress would like to see a sequel to.

“I have this whole concept that I really want them to do a sequel about. I think that maybe it’s not 10 years later in their relationship, maybe it’s only 5 or 6 years, but she’s not getting pregnant. She’s everybody’s godmother, but she doesn’t have her own. I so want to do that sequel. I think it would be really sweet and charming and interesting. 27 Christenings!”

“27 Dresses” is profiled – as sort of a ‘ten years on’ piece – on InStyle, where they quiz the actress on every facet of the film’s making. She mentions she’s still in touch with her co-stars, which suggests the entire cast of the original might be keen in Fox decides to do it.

“I always run into Jimmy [James Marsden] in the most random places. I ran into him at a restaurant about a year ago—maybe it was two years ago already. I also ran into him at the after-party of a film premiere. He’s one of those people who I just adore. I think he’s incredibly funny and charming and smart and talented, so it’s always so fun to run into him. And then Edward Burns and I are trying to team up on a project, so that’s exciting and fun for me.”

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