Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones rumored to be returning to the small screen

Recent rumors suggested Charlie Cox, who played the title character on Netflix’s now-defunct “Daredevil” series, could be reprising that role for Disney+’s new “She Hulk” series. Now, according to scooper Daniel Ritchman, another recent pink-slipped Netflix superhero could be getting a new lease of life on the same series.

Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones- another series Netflix prematurely axed – is said to be returning for the Tatiana Maslany-starring superhero series.

It would make sense to incorporate both lawyer Matt Murdock (Cox) and P.I Jessica Jones (Ritter) into the series, with Maslany’s Jessica Walters a lawyer moonlighting as a green ogre.

“She-Hulk” will also feature appearances from Mark Ruffalo aka the big screen Hulk, as cousin Bruce Banner, Tim Roth as the bad guy Abomination (who first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk”) and William Hurt as General Ross. There’s also been talk of Liv Tyler reprising her “Incredible Hulk” role of Betty Ross.

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