Laurie Strode is back in Halloween Kills! Check out the first image

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared an image of her all dressed up as Laurie Strode on the set of “Halloween Kills”, the next installment in the “Halloween” franchise. Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures have scheduled two more sequels following the success of last year’s “Halloween” revival, with the first of those sequels currently in production.

Plot details for the upcoming flick have been scarce, but we do know a few people who will be in the flick, alongside Curtis. Kyle Richards is back as Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle, this time portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Longstreet as bully Lonnie Elam. Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers actor, is also back on board, with James Jude Courtney, who did the heavy lifting under the mask, set to return as well. The film will also be returning to the iconic Haddonfield Memorial Hospital from the 1981 film “Halloween II”.

David Gordon Green is back to direct, and will also direct the next sequel, titled “Halloween Ends”. “Halloween Kills” is set for release October 16, 2020, with “Halloween Ends” set to follow a year later on October 15, 2021.

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