Leslie Grace returning as Batgirl in a new project!?

The actress found out “Batgirl” would not be released at all a few days ago


As they likely should, Warner Bros are said to be considering retaining “Batgirl” star Leslie Grace so she can have another shot at playing the character.

According to Variety, “newly installed Warner Bros. Pictures Group chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, in seeking to mend fences with Batgirl star Leslie Grace, are entertaining the possibility of having her continue to play Batgirl in a future DC film.”

With the “Black Canary” movie, starring Jurnee Smollet, still said to be in the works that seems like the most likely possibility at the moment.

Grace and the cast of the film “Batgirl” found out last week that WB had no plans to ever release the completed film.

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