Malcolm McDowell to play Rupert Murdoch

In Annapuran's Roger Ailes biopic

Malcolm McDowell will play Rupert Murdoch in Jay Roach’s Roger Ailes drama.

The Annapurna produced film, which tells of the Fox News chief’s downfall, already has a pretty stupendous cast locked-in, including Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron.

The Charles Randolph-written script focuses on Ailes’ downfall, zeroing in on a group of female employees who bucked the culture of sexism at the network to oust the news baron from power. Kidman will play Gretchen Carlson, the Fox News anchor who sued Ailes for harassment in July 2016, and Theron will portray Megyn Kelly, a star at the network whose decision to go public with her own story of abuse was seen as a key turning point. Robbie’s character is said to be a fictional Fox News associate producer.

Ailes was fired from Fox News within weeks of Carlson’s suit after several more women came forward with similar allegations of sexual misconduct. Murdoch, who put Ailes in charge of the network in 1996, was one of the news chief’s strongest supporters, though he ultimately made the decision to fire Ailes.

McDowell’s more recent credits include TV series “Mozart in the Jungle” and the films “Corbin Nash” and “Death Race 2050”.

Via ‘Variety

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