Marry Me Review : Put a ring on it, This one’s a keeper

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez have chemistry in Americanised ‘Notting Hill’

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That’s a line in “Marry Me” where ‘everyman’ Owen Wilson assures JLo’s ‘s larger-than-life popstar that all award shows are basically, well, bullshit. The dialogue is here to help shape a third act of a film that will near come close to one but it’s also a welcome reminder that not every film needs to be crafted with statues in mind.

Fact of the matter is, unless it’s “loveliest chemistry by two A-listers” (is that a category!?) by the MTV Movie Awards, this bit of Hollywood thistledown will get about as close to the Oscars as a camouflaged ex-con. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that (unless, of course, the shady ex-con relying on Warren Beatty’s wallet to get some milk money).

As the ’90s so frequently proved though, there’s an audience out there for the star-driven, dross-doused romantic-comedy – and if they’re done well, like “Pretty Woman”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “She’s All That” and “Never Been Kissed” were, then the genre’s going to be welcome back onto most folks’ ticket stubs anytime.

The story here, based on a web comic (I shite you not!), isn’t much – after learning that her fiancée is cheating on her while on stage, a popstar (Jennifer Lopez) impulsively agrees to marry an audience member; that guy (Owen Wilson), of course, isn’t a fan, he’s just chaperoning his teenage daughter – but it’s the enthused execution by cast and crew that arbalests the material to greater heights than what it might’ve been in harried, indolent hands (how are Happy Madison doing these days, by the way?).

Directed with oomph by Kat Cairo, with performances by Lopez and Wilson that can only be described as welcomingly buoyant and likeable, “Marry Me” is a very efficient and enjoyable American “Notting Hill” – and again, ain’t nothing wrong there.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just redo it with Californians and some updated jive.

Put a ring on it, “Marry Me” is a keeper.

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