Michael Keaton talks Batman return : “Like riding a bike”

Actor returns as the Caped Crusader in 2022’s “The Flash”

Batman Returns (1992)

When Michael Keaton rejoined the superhero movie brigade to reprise his ’89 Batman, fanboys – and shit, Keaton fans in general – took to the streets and first thumped the clouds. Or they would’ve… had most been allowed in the streets, what with most countries locked down from the pandemic at the time of the big announcement.

For those who’ve been sleeping through the past twelve months – jealous, so jealous – the “Mr Mom” scene-stealer is peeling the latex back over the frame again to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Andy Muschietti’s new DCEU venture, “The Flash”.

It was rumoured at the time that the 69 year-old actor was gearing up for an extended run as Batman, this time around, with reports suggesting Keaton’s Bruce Wayne would serve as the DCEU’s ‘Nick Fury’.

While nosy pap’s have been quick to grab snaps of Keaton in Bruce Wayne garb on the UK set of “The Flash”, there’s still no set pics out there of the “Spider-Man : Homecoming’ actor in the black cape.

Could it be that he’s only playing Wayne, and not ‘suiting up’?

Thankfully, no!

Out promoting his new film “The Protege”, Keaton was asked by reporters what it was like donning the cowl again for the first since 1992’s “Batman Returns”.

His answer confirmed that he’s back in Bat-costume for the new film.

“Like riding a bike,” he tells reporter Kevin McCarthy. “Oddly yes. And also, memories came flashing back – no pun intended – came flooding back. They did, just as I start thinking about what a risk Tim [Burton] took and everybody else involved, really.”

In a chat with Jakes Takes, Keaton said something similar but refused to ask a question about whether or not he’d said the iconic “I’m Batman” line yet.

(In other words, he has..)

In addition to Keaton, Ben Affleck is also back in the cowl for this one – reprising his role as the Snyderverse’s Batman.

“The Flash” opens November 4, 2022.

Casting : Abdul-Mateen II, Elba, Robbie, Lithgow

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