Moviehole Mailbag – 29/11/07

Oh Baby, it’s a big one alright

Your pressing questions answered by Adam Weeks

Hey Clint, Chris Lindsay from Canada again. I just checked IMDB and “UNDER
AND ALONE” is now in pre-production! I can’t wait. Previously it was just listed as “ANNOUNCED” Hope this is true!
– Chris

Adam: Other than the frequent Mel Gibson rumours that have floated around this, I haven’t seen anything to indicate that this is anywhere near ready to go, especially in light of the Writer’s Strike that’s currently taking place. IMDB get a lot of stuff right, but they get a hell of a lot of stuff wrong as well. Jimmy Fallon was on the Howard Stern show recently debunking the “I Dream Of Jeannie” rumours, and it seems to be a recurring trend when asking actors questions – during my recent chat with Matt Damon, he indicated that most of his “Announced” projects on IMDB were bullshit.

hey clint i thought of something really neat i think john schinder and tom wopat should remake the hole dukes of hazzard trilogy because they could 3 movie,s and make them like the tv show was and then that you could watch on big screen and it,s pg movie and that,s if all 3 movie,s were made and it family movie good clean fun action movie and that,s the way they should make them from – holden

Adam : Awesome.

hey clint i was thinking that if they can pull off superman returns 2 they could still bring general zod and who and the world are they going to that roll maybe jude law any way if they villain off then there they go they have a bad guy any way tell me what you think of that – holden

Adam : Double Awesome.

hey clint okay what if darkman 4 if they did pull that off i think they should get rob zombie create a darker vision of the movie and they halloween mask that better then haveing white bandges get mask and you have darkman 4 any way i think that be good idea and rob could the story any way – holden

Adam : Genius as always.

Civil Lawsuit has been filed against Mr Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the Superior Court of Arizona. The case is currently being served upon Defendants attorney. His staff continued to ignore all efforts made by family of totally disabled & poor health young woman to contact them & work situation out-leaving them no choice but to file lawsuit. No money sought. – Theresa

Adam : Well, let’s just add an “allegedly” onto the above statement. I will hear of no-one knocking the most electrifying man in sports entertainment history. If You Smeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllll what The Rock….. is cookin’!

Hey Clint, Francesco from Italy. When the new “Friday” or Freddy vs Jason 2” will be out??? Ahahahahaha, No man, I’m just kidding, I’ve just read your “Caffeinated Clint” mail bag. So… I’m not the only one who’s waiting for the Jason come back! Sounds good. I’ve read on “Variety” that the strike won’t affect the redux! Now I’m only scared for the 3rd season of “Supernatural”. Take care wonder Clint. p.s How old are u??? Ahahah – kidding! – Francesco

Adam : Yeah – I remember when every other e-mail was about “The Shiralee”, but the “Freddy Vs. Jason” questions are insane, running the gamut of “Make it now!” which seem personally directed at Clint & myself, through to “Jason ftw!”. As for “Supernatural” – I wouldn’t worry too much about it, from what I know, The CW aren’t gonna be losing that show for as long as they can help it.

My message is to the film company who wants to bring back Conan to the big
screen if/when in 2009. In regards to the lead role of the film, I think you
should consider Taylor Kitsch from “The Covenant” for the role since every
studio is looking for a fresh face to make famous. And why Taylor K? Because
he has that raw look that might fit the barbarian look, he would just have to
grow his hair long. *ONLY* if no(one) has been cast yet. But I do feel sorry for
the (studio) writers who just went on strike.
– David

Adam – You mean Taylor Kitsch from the greatest show on TV – “Friday Night Lights”? As in Tim Riggins of the Dillon Panthers? Yeah, I don’t think we’ve got a match there.

Just stopping by to say what a great site you’re running here. Your news is always the best. Just a couple of questions: Do you feel that Bryan Singer may be off of the next “Superman” movie? Could “Superman” get a reboot? Keep up the good work. Thanks! – Jared

Adam : Easy answers here – No, and No. Bryan is contracted for the next “Superman” film, and I don’t think Warner’s are going to pour another bunch of money into yet another “Redux” of the “Superman” franchise. They’re definitely onto a winner with the direction they are headed in with the man in tights, they’ve just gotta progress things a bit.

I read the “New Crank 2 and Game details emerge” How the hell are they going to make this movie when Jason fell 8000 feet and hit the pavement? If they bring him back to life this movie is gonna sucks…ass. Now we can add him to the immortals…Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Adrian Paul, Jason Statham. Ugh, the first was good, I wish they would quit. – Brian

Adam : Ummmm, because “Crank” was so realistic to begin with? Just go with it brother, you’ll lead a much better life.

Hi Clint, Seeing as you were one of the first legitimate reporters to get the hype brewing about “Sin-Jin Smyth”, could you please give us an update on its whereabouts? According to their official Forum, They were supposed to upload a brand new trailer for the film, first week of July 2006! And I’m not referring to the teaser trailer either. Now, what is the deal? Can you please cut through the red tape, and obvious B.S. spin. Their claim “about it being too controversial” doesn’t hold “holy” water. Sounds like spin. All I know is that another film the “Sin Jin” crew were producing called “JOB” fell apart
at just about the same time Ethan Dettenmaier & his film went AWOL. Then there is the film’s Blacklisting from the website!

BTW. Being listed on IMDB as in “post-production” doesn’t mean that reshoots are not required. Which means money, which I get the sense has dried up.

Please understand that any negativity here is due to frustration. I can’t wait to see this film, and it has my ticket money, whenever it surfaces! I’d wager “Direct to DVD” in 2009 the way things are going. 🙁

Thanks for your time,& congratulations to you & your wife on the arrival of your beautiful daughter! PS: Sam Worthington as “Max” in “Mad Max 4”! Make it so! 🙂
Call me
– King

Adam : Honest answer is that I have no idea what’s going on , and I don’t think the Boss has much clue either. I tried to shoot off an e-mail to Ethan yesterday on the status, and it bounced back to me with a “Mail Box Is Full” situation – so personally, I would say that things don’t look real positive. As far as Direct To DVD goes, I’m not knocking the film (I haven’t seen it personally), but with Roddy Piper, Richard Tyson & Jenna Jameson, I would assume that was always gonna be the case. (Editor’s Note : I was actually asked to preview some scenes from “Sin-Jin Smyth” last year in Los Angeles and I was pleased with what I saw. Haven’t heard much about it since though. Hopefully it’ll hit DVD sometime next year).




Clint, I don’t understand why they are even contemplating remaking “Escape From NY”. If they do decide to put this piece of shit out, I know I won’t go see it. I would rather stare at my cats winking butthole then watch another stupid remake of a classic. When are these writers going to come up with their own classics instead of feeding off other people’s shit like parasites. – Brian R.

Adam : I love the original, don’t get me wrong – but I reckon I would have gone to see it when Gerard Butler & Len Wiseman were involved. A lot of people knock him, But I’ve enjoyed both “Underworld” flicks & “Live Free Or Die Hard”, so yeah – I would have given it a shot. As for the second part – Hollywood will stop remaking stuff when people stop paying to go and see it – simple as that.

Dear Sirs? Blonde would only be appropriate if she is a successor to the role of Wonder Woman!!!! The Original was played by Actress Linda Carter in the late 70’s or Early 80’s series and she had very dark Charcoal BLACK hair. Matter of fact the Wonder Woman in modern day Comic Books still has DARK Charcoal Black Hair. The only wonder Woman with Blonde hair currently is her possible successor who is currently part of the Team called the Teen Titans!!!! – Thomas

Adam : Ummm – ever heard of a wig or hair dye before?

Hey Clint, Your favourite groupie here, the one from Kansas. I just had the BEST idea in the WORLD!!! And I couldn’t wait to share it with you. We (that being you!) should try and get our buddy HOLDEN a job as a producer or writer or 2nd unit director on the new “JUSTICE LEAGUE” MOVIE!! How about that? From what I’ve read about JL so far, Holden MIGHT be able to IMPROVE IT a bit! No thanks required. My genius is free for all. I remain a faithful viewer, – Charles in Kansas

Adam – As opposed to Charles in Charge? You know just by printing this letter, we’re gonna get 20 from Holden with new “Justice League” ideas, right? Holden in particular is going to love the new site BTW.

Lol. …I guess my last message made it sound like if I bought the “Veronica Mars” comics – THAT’S all that matters…like they care what I think. I meant that the bigwigs think that money is all that matters nowadays. And yeah…I bet your right, poor V. Mars is probably dead.. In all forms. 🙁 Ttyl – Nick

Adam : Yep – “Veronica Mars” may be dead, but I’ve only just begun to appreciate how smokin’ hot Bell is now that she’s on “Heroes”.

That was Donnie. Mark was Marky and his funky bunch. (why do I know that????) – Patrick

Adam : Because you’ve got Good Vibrations? Alright – despite the bosses objections (who still insists that Marky Mark was in the original line-up of New Kids On The Block – I’m just surprised that anyone gives a shit, thank god my old man listened to a lot of the Stones & The Who when I was younger so I missed out on this stuff), I’m gonna side with Patrick here, I don’t think he ever actually was a part of NKOTB – I still have trouble remembering that Donnie was. (Editor’s Note : Mark Wahlberg was indeed an original member of NKOTB – albeit briefly – he quit before the group hit it big; apparently because he was asked to get singing lessons. You can find more info on this here and here. Hanging Tough!) (Weeksy’s Note : This is getting very sad – I think we can all agree that they were shit with or without him)

Yay! I am so glad Damages is renewed! I was wondering if you have a larger copy of that photo you used in your last article. I think it was from Entertainment Weekly magazine. At any rate, wonderful article and hurray for seasons 2 & 3!! – Cariel

Adam : Yeah – it’s great stuff, I really enjoyed it a lot, but was surprised it didn’t do better in the ratings. Channel 9 here in Australia of course did the inevitable and threw it on at 10:30pm on a Wednesday night – something like that. Anyhow, I probably could find you a bigger size picture, but I’m very lazy, so you’ll have to forgive me.

Hey Clint, I wanted to ask one last favor from you. I will totally understand your not wanting to do this so don’t feel guilty if you don’t agree, but since my website is fairly new, I haven’t got much visitors due to my lack of publicity and I was wondering if you would post a news article on your site about my website. Bloody Disgusting did something similar back when I ran a horror website and it got me a few new visitors. Could you say something like “Check Out This New Website” and have the URL or something. You have no idea how much I would appreciate it. I apologize for the constant bugging you, I just really want to one day have a website as big as yours. Like I said, I won’t be pissed if you won’t want to, but I’d be grateful if you did. Thanks for everything you’ve done anyway. – Chad

Adam : Check Out This New Website! Here’s the URL or something –

Any truth to Jennifer Garner doing an “Alias” movie or she is joining the “Star Trek” movie? – Paul

Adam : Why? Do you know something I don’t? No – I’m pretty sure that’s a negatory on both counts there. “Alias” wasn’t exactly a ratings blockbuster for its last few seasons, and while I guess she could do a cameo or something in “Star Trek” – is she really that big of a name these days that anyone would be really excited over that (my wife will kill me for saying that)? Don’t get me wrong, I like her & all, it would probably just be a little odd…..

To J Anthony Lucas: Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for the positive review of our movie, “Among Brothers”… I’m glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate your kind words. Take care and all the best, – Matt Mercer – “Ethan” in Among Brothers

Adam : Lovely – I just had a chance to check it out myself – if any of you guys & gals reading haven’t seen “Among Brothers” – it’s a very well made Indie film, well worth checking out.

really true are you making a new video you shall also have someone to make a shaun of the dead or hot fuzz game for xbox 360 and ps3 or wii it well be awsome get back to me as soon as posable – kayson

Adam : As soon as posable? I’m pretty sure I already am…. Are you sure you’re not from Kansas?

Is it true Katie Holmes is part of the movie “Other Side” and “Tropical Thunder”? She shouldn’t be doing “Wonder Woman” when she should be finishing “Batman”. “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League” should be a no go when that has disaster written all over it. – Leo

Adam : Good grief, you’re gonna make me look things up, aren’t ya? OK…………… Apparently she is set to star alongside Jason Lee in “The Other Side”, but nothing on “Tropical Thunder” – Tom Cruise apparently has a cameo in that one though, so maybe that’s where your info is coming from. As for “Wonder Woman” – didn’t that rumor get put to bed a long time ago? (Editor’s Note : Katie Holmes indeed does have a cameo in “Tropic Thunder” – you can guess how that came about, and no it doesn’t involve giving head to a comedian).

Got a question? Is it true that the kid who played Dennis in “Cabin Fever” just signed with a movie called “Blood De Madame”? Such a fan of his and thought maybe you could confirm this for us. Thanks, – Annie

Adam : No, haven’t heard of him (Matthew Helms) being in another film, so unless it’s a really low-budget indie flick – which it does sound like, I can’t help you out there.

hi my name is jordan an i’m wondering r u goin to make freedy vs jason 2???? – Jordan

Adam: “Freedy vs. Jason 2”? yes – yes I am going to make “Freddy vs. Jason 2” OK? Happy now? I’m putting up the cash for it myself, it’s gonna star Dustin Diamond, Mayim Bialik & Willie Aames – I need to work on budget.

Hi Clint, Are there any plans for a remake of “Animal House”? Jack Black would be perfect for the part! Also, “Under and Alone” has changed status on It is now in pre-production. Hopefully they will start casting soon. – Chris

Adam : Oh good god, I hope not. Hate to disagree with you Chris, I know you’re a good guy – but are you out of your friggin’ mind? Jack Black taking over from Belushi is….. just…. No, just stop. Horrible idea. I like Jack – but I worship Belushi – his roles are untouchable for me, even the crappy ones.

Hey Clint, What would you think of Sylvester Stallone taking over Arnie’s role as the new “Terminator”? “Rocky Balboa” did 150 million worldwide. All the buzz says that “Rambo 4” will be an even bigger hit. Rumour has it he has been cast for the “Death Wish” remake. Arnie & Sly were rivals in the battle of the box office in the 80’s. It seems to me that Stallone should inherit his mantle. Stallone deserves to take over for Arnie much more than The Rock. – Chris

Adam : Errrrmmm, no. Actually, double no. Look, the smallest part of that “Balboa” take was from me, I went and saw it, then bought the Blu-Ray of it, but it was definitely for nostalgic purposes – it was an OK flick, but I don’t think Sly’s gonna be taking over the new “Action Hero” role – but who really are the biggest action stars now? I guess you’d have to throw Jet Li, Jason Statham definitely – I’ve run out of names already. The Rock is fantastic, but has he really made a pure “Action” film since “Doom”? After the two “Transporter” flicks, “Crank”, “War” etc., I’d say that Statham is probably the biggest action guy out there.

I would love to know if there is going to be a “Rest Stop 2” and if so, When? I loved the first one, it was great! Thanks, – Beth

Adam : Ummmm, yeah, good news I suppose – there is a sequel about to get underway to “Rest Stop” – I haven’t actually seen the first one yet, but I hear that it is really good, so I’m going to have to check it out. Should be arriving in one form or another probably 2nd quarter next year from the look of things.

I know it’s a hard thing to ask, but there’s some old news floating around the internet about “Bad Boys 3”. If you do an interview with Will Smith anytime soon, like for the “I Am Legend” movie, is it possible that you can squeeze in the question of any updated status of “Bad Boys 3”? – Ty

Adam : I guess – if anything comes up, we’ll absolutely post it up – I wouldn’t hold your breath though buddy.

G’day Clint. There’s all this talk of Tom Cruise and Scientology and his disagreement with psychiatry. It’s been quite heavy (and research it) for the last 2 years since he spoke out against the unnecessary drugging of children on stimulants like Ritalin, classed in the same category as cocaine. I’m not sure if you are Australian or what, but I can give you my theory on this whole thing.

The media’s attack on him, I would guess is fueled by pharmaceutical firms. Very, very simply because their sales dropped by millions after he spoke out.

The media attacks him by poking fun at his telling people he loved Katie Holmes and speaking to Matt Lauer and 60 minutes Peter Oveton and being quite intense in his words.

A lot of Americans are enthusiastic, which can be a bit much here in Australia. So what.

He’s the guy every other actor and actress says is kind and compassionate and great to work with. Yet the media doesn’t give him a break.

The media hasn’t actually put enough time into investigating what he has said (about psychiatry). And where they have, they find skeletons in the closet.

Case in point, I just found out Graylands pyschiatric hospital in West Australia has just been exposed to have 12 deaths occurred there.

These things, ADHD, ADD, are just a fraud. Psychiatry makes money off drugging kids. My younger brother, 27 years old now, was the wildest kid in the family. He would 100% have been a candidate for these drugs. Yet he got through whatever he was going through and is one of the most productive and ethical members of my family, let alone the community.

I had an aunt with a great life that suicided after being on anti-depressants for 2 months.

I spoke to a psychiatrist yesterday and spoke to him about drugging kids and he compared it to drinking tea or coffee (ie. caffeine being a drug). As if you would want to wake up in the morning and take your prozac like a cuppa!

You know most of what I read about Tom Cruise is just hearsay. People talking about what other people are talking about.

How about let’s get down to business and really talk about the movies.

Personally, I loved Matrix and think Keanu was perfect for the role. Perhaps Tom just didn’t think it fit him.

Scientology is about making people more able and aware spiritually. The only control is for individuals to better control their own life. It is a return of self determinism and ability to be part of a team (any team, family, group, society, mankind) as well. L Ron Hubbard wrote that what is true in Scientology is what is true for you. In other words, he actually was saying don’t take it on faith, test it out and see for yourself it’s workability.

Seinfeld reported it helped him be a comedian. Will Smith said it was ok–doesn’t know what the fuss is about. Jennifer Lopez said her father has been a Scientologist for 20 years. David Beckham says Tom is great and hasn’t tried to convert him. All these stellar names are just well known people, but millions of regular folk like myself just believe that Scientology is good and invaluable to living life well.

A good society is built on respect. A friendly society is built on friends. You can’t make friends while putting their beliefs down.

The movie industry and all arts have the job of inspiring people and uplifting them. Sometimes they also raise awareness on social issues, tell a sad story, or just entertain.

If people are so down into apathy they don’t want to go to the movies anymore, well, there the whole industry goes.

We should lift them up.

Sorry for a long email.

Sincerely, – Cyrus

Adam : Which ones are the Scientologists again? Are they the ones that wear the red string, the ones with the multiple wives, or those guys that wear the magic underpants? Nah, I’m just kidding I know who they are – actually, let me ask you a question – what Thetan level do I have to be before I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes and shit?

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