Moviehole MailBag – 30/08/07

Tonight, on a very special “Blossom”

Your pressing questions answered by Adam Weeks

Your “Exclusive” interview with James Mangold is word for word the same “Exclusive” interview done by Paul Fischer that was posted at Dark Horizons on Aug 12. Yet you don’t credit Dark Horizons !! If you have their permission to re-post the interview, you should have credited them. If you didn’t have their permission… you should have gotten it. There’s a an awful lot of plagiarism on the internet, as you must know, and the best way to avoid making it seem as if you were doing it, is to credit sources. Just my opinion. – Mimi

Adam: And a horribly uninformed one at that….. Paul provides both Garth over at “Dark Horizons” & “Moviehole” with all of his interviews. So while I give Garth all the credit in the world for his great site, we’re both in the same boat as far as the interviews go. If you’d like some specific examples of major publications having “Sticky Fingers” when it comes to cutting & pasting from our sites, I’d be happy to give you a list so you can write to the editor.

First off, love the site. This is not a scoop, but more of a thought about the recent rumblings of a “Justice League” movie. Why wouldn’t Warner Brothers adapt the “JLA” movie from the events that have taken place on “Smallville”? With the exception of Batman and Wonder Woman, all of the major players have been introduced and it would be a great follow up once “Smallville” ends its TV run. A CGI “JLA” movie could be good too, but having the chance to see Tom Welling on the big screen as Superman following “Smallville’s” finale would be pretty good too.
Just a thought for the sake of a thought.
– Anon

Adam : Well, I would think the fact that Tom Welling is in the running for the Superman role would be a pretty good indication that it would have some tie-in to the “Smallville” universe, but who knows how deep into the franchise they will really dig. As far as (and you’ll have to forgive me here, because I’ve only seen a couple of early eps of “Smallville”) didn’t they have Bruce Wayne scheduled to make an appearance on “Smallville” at some point, or was that all a goof? I vaguely remember something about it…………

Hi there read your article on the “Tekken” movie, and I was wondering if you know anything about the casting, email, contact info to the casting director?
Thanks for your time.
– Tim Man

Adam : Hold on – I’ve got Uwe Boll’s address somewhere around here……. What? He’s not directing another shitty VG adaptation? Who is? Dwight Little you say? Let’s look at what he’s Directed, maybe he’s up to the task – “Halloween 4”….. “Free Willy 2”…….”Marked For Death”, wow – sounds like we have a winner here!

I know Pinhead versus Myers has about as much of a chance of happening as Jason Voorhees the musical (on ice no doubt, lol) but how far did that idea get? And if by some crazy chance is it happening? Also “Jaws” is not going anywhere right? Universal has absolutely no plans for a “Jaws” movie? – Danny

Adam : In all honesty, I don’t think any of the new “Freddy vs. Jason” type concepts have gone anywhere other than just being floated as ideas from time to time, or whenever Robert Englund gets in front of a microphone. I’m very surprised that they haven’t mounted a follow-up to “Freddy vs. Jason” yet though – with 113 million bucks at the Box Office, and a budget of around 25 million – it was a great earner. The problem that you start to get into by introducing a “vs. Ash; Pinhead; Michael Myers” etc. Is that all the various rights holders get involved, and it just snowballs into a disaster from there. With your “Jaws” question – I heard something about a direct-to-DVD sequel a while back, but nothing since – I doubt anything’s happening with it right now.

Hey guys…love this site it’s always my first stop…is it possible you could send some stickers or posters even bookmarks to my kids? Thank you very much if it’s possible…
Your site rocks.
– Tracy

Adam : Thanks Tracy – you’ll have to forgive me here, I’ve got no posters and such to give away at the moment, but keep your eyes on the Giveaways page in the future for some tasty gear.

Hey Clint, Just watched Twister on DVD. It really holds up well more than 10 years later. Are there any Tornado films in development? I think the time is ripe for another Twister. – Chris Lindsay

Adam : Hey Chris – I’m sure there probably are some DTDVD efforts in the works at various places, but nothing on the scale of “Twister”. You’ve got me in the mood to watch it again now though…. Haven’t seen it in years myself, and I did really like it.

Heyyyyy, Super Clint!!! How u doing??? Francesco from Italy again, I’ve read the rumor about “Nightmare” prequel and “FvsJvsM”. is that true??? I mean u told me that there were no plans to make another “vs” or remake or prequel, but a month ago someone said that New Line is still trying to make a new “Friday”. So, what’s the point? Have u got news??? Thanks and take care – Fran

Adam – Hey brother – nah, look – again, I think it’s the fact that Robert Englund really wants to make another film, and every time some reporter from “E!”, “Access Hollywood” or “Extra” sticks a mic in his face, he sees it as an opportunity to drum up some kind of interest in the franchise. As for the “Friday” franchise itself – from what I know, plans are still there to have Platinum Dunes taking on a new Jason flick – but I believe where it was originally touted as a sequel, it has since been changed to a remake of the first movie – New Line are definitely involved in that one.

Hey, Love the “SO BAD IT’S GOOD” column. But why aren’t the rest of the team
contributing to it? Where’s everyone else’s “bad pics they love”? Keep up the good work Clint.
– Patricia

Adam : Because we’re lazy, damn it. No, untrue, only Kirby is slack 😉 – I’ve got 3 of them myself that are 75-90% done now, the first of which should be up over the weekend, and is probably my favourite “bad movie” of all time.

Hi, I’m Nick Pilon from the website and I would like to know
if it were really true about the “Cinderella Story 2”? Thanks a lot.
– Nick

Adam : The short answer is “Yes”. The long answer is that I have no idea what you’re talking about right now – I don’t usually make a habit out of reading the Hilary Duff articles on “The Hole” – let me have a look….. “A sequel to the Hilary Duff starring “A Cinderella Story” will get underway in Vancouver in October. No doubt this is going straight to DVD.” – Yeah, OK – that sounds about right with what I’ve heard.

Dear Clint, Eddie Furlong. Love the Site. – Michael

Adam : Michael, O-Qua Tangin Wann (bonus points for those of you who can tell me who that line is attributed to).



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