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Moviehole’s Drew Turney just released his first novel, Falling!

And how to get your hands on a copy!




Longtime Moviehole contributor Drew Turney’s first novel, the horror/sci-fi epic Falling, is out now, and we want to know what you think.


Grand, gothic horror set in the bright lights and bustle of a modern metropolis five minutes in the future, Falling is a ghost story the likes of which you’ve never seen.

70,000 tons of metal and concrete rings out as an iconic bridge shudders, tears itself apart and crashes into the harbour it spans, taking over 600 commuters and tourists with it.

Dale Milling is one of the lucky ones. After his catastrophic injuries, modern technology has given him a new lease on life.

When he visits the place he barely escaped with his life, it awakens a cyclone of terror. The dark force that emerges doesn’t just seem aware and intelligent, it appears to have an unspeakable goal it can only reach by scaring you.

… and it knows what scares you.


If you’re a subscriber to the Moviehole newsletter, there’s a link in the next edition that will let you download the book in your preferred ereader format completely free. Like it? Review it! The Kindle page is right here;


Or, if you can’t wait, buy it now for only a couple of dollars for Kindle at the above link, in iTunes at;


or on Smashwords at;




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