Netflix is bringing back Heartbreak High and Aussies are EXCITED

We sure are – “Heartbreak High” was my show growing up (did everyone else just love Drazic?!), and now it’s back to educate the youth of today. Following the release of all 7 seasons on Netflix, an eight-episode reboot is beginning filming in Sydney next year from Que Minh Luu.

Per SMH, Luu wants the new season to have a similarly “unwholesome and rebellious” feel, albeit with a contemporary execution.

“Heartbreak High landed on the scene in a way that was provocative, aggressive and loud. But the qualities that made it so groundbreaking in the 90s are almost par for the course now. That’s not to say there aren’t universal stories and journeys that teenagers go through but the way they play out [in the new season] might be a little different.”

Casting is yet to begin, and the show is set to launch globally on Netflix in 2022.

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