New Karate Kid film in the works with new lead!?

Rob Lieber (“Peter Rabbit”) is attached to pen the project


A new “Karate Kid” movie project, likely unconnected to TV’s “Cobra Kai”, is said to be in the works at Sony Pictures.

Rob Lieber (“Peter Rabbit”) is attached to pen the project, said to fix on a kid from Beijing who goes up against bullies when he relocates to the United States.

Casting brass are looking “for a 17-year-old male, Chinese actor who speaks both Mandarin and English. The character is referred to as Li and is said to be small for his age, but tough, smart and scrappy. He is said to be a skilled fighter and a student in Beijing who finds his life uprooted after his mother moves them to Brooklyn, New York”, per Murphy’s Multiverse, who have the scoop.

Continues the outlet, “Li is said to be struggling with a past tragedy, which drives a wedge between him and his doctor mom, who has managed to handle the same tragedy in her own way. After Li meets Mia, a student from his high school, and her father, Victor, at a local pizza restaurant, he’ll soon find his life has changed yet again – for the better. Li soon finds himself training Victor in the art of Kung Fu, despite his mother’s stance against violence and fighting, and ultimately back in the ring himself.”

With “Cobra Kai” one of the top raters for Netflix no surprise that Sony want to expand the cash flow to the big screen.

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