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New Mutants expected to bypass theaters altogether?

Last we heard Fox’s long-long-delayed “New Mutants” movie had been commissioned for some extensive reshoots, after which the studio would finally release the movie. But with no start date on those reshoots, and a film seemingly just sitting on the shelves to gather dust, one wonders whether the film will even get a release at all?

Short answer : Yes, it will get a release – it just mightn’t be the theatrical release “X-Men” fans, and those involved in the Josh Boone-directed ‘horror’ film, were originally anticipating.

According to Vanity Fair, “The New Mutants” looks to be somewhat of a ‘casualty’ of the Disney-Fox merger, with all signs pointing to a small-screen premiere for the film on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. With Disney planning to reboot the “X-Men” franchise shortly, the studio have no further plans for “New Mutants” beyond the release, and considering their obvious lack of faith in the film, seem convinced that a Disney+ premiere is the best way to go.

Reshoots for the film would’ve reportedly involved adding “Logan” heroine X-23 to the cast of characters in the film.

The movie, conceived of as the first in a trilogy, stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, and Alice Braga. In it, a group of young mutants held in a secret facility fight to save themselves. Boone wrote the script with Knate Lee.

The film was originally due for release in March 2018.

“The New Mutants” is currently skedded for an August theatrical release in both the US and Australia.

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