Nicolas Cage wants to take on Batman

“There is an approach to that character that could be terrifying”


Comic-book fan and Kick-Ass actor Nicolas Cage is eyeing another comic book movie role – this time, a classic villain.

Speaking to the Happy Sad Confused podcast at the Toronto Film Festival, the Oscar winning actor expressed interest in playing the classic Batman villain Egghead. The character, originated by Vincent Prince in the original ’60s ”Batman” series, got around in a yellow-and-white suit and had an overshaped egg-like head.

“The character’s hilarious. I mean, everything starts with ‘Egg-cellent.’ And it’s, ‘Egg-static.”, said Cage, who played Ghost Rider in two films for Marvel. “This is just more of a fun little thing. Cause I’m on a red carpet, somebody asks me a question, I want to give them a funny answer, but there is an approach to that character that could be terrifying. And I’ve thought a lot about it. I’m not going to share it with you.”

Cage had previously mentioned he’d be keen to play Egghead in one of the dark Robert Pattinson-starring Batman films.

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