Nolan, Murphy may reunite for Robert Oppenheimer pic

And this one mightn’t go to Warner Bros…

Credit Warner Bros

Christopher Nolan’s next, a WWII piece on Robert Oppenheimer’s involvement in building the atom bomb, has reportedly caught the eye of several major studios.

According to Deadline, though Warner Bros is a usual go-to home for the “Tenet” and “Dark Knight” helmer, the filmmaker’s ire when the studio declared its intention to go day-and-date with its entire 2021 movie slate, without forewarning talent, their reps or even the studio’s financing partners in the films, may have soured that relationship.

Warner Bros released Nolan’s “Tenet”, per his wishes, in theaters only during the pandemic. The film grossed $363 million but unarguably would’ve pocketed more receipts if folks had been readier to return to cinemas at that point.

While details on the Oppenheimer biopic are sealed, the trade hears that Nolan regular Cillian Murphy (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Dunkirk”, “Inception”) may be in the mix for a role – if not the starring role.

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