Nolan’s Oppenheimer biopic heads to Universal

Film tells of World War II scientist J.Robert Oppenheimer

Following his public whine at how unhappy he was that Warner Bros had opted to do day-and-date HBO Max releases with their films during the 2021 stretch of the pandemic, nobody expected Christopher Nolan would likely assign the studio to handle his next project.

According to THR, the “Tenet” and “Batman Begins” helmer has inked a deal with Universal on his Oppenheimer biopic.

The previously-announced film, which tells of World War II scientist J.Robert Oppenheimer (a role Cillian Murphy is rumored to be playing) and his part in inventing the atom bomb,is Nolan’s first since 2020’s “Tenet”.

If you check out IMDB, you’ll notice nearly all of Nolan’s past couple of decades of films have nearly all being produced and distributed by Warner Bros so…


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