Not getting Craven back on Elm Street

If there’s one “Elm Street” idea that seems to have some barley water in it, it’s the prequel to “Nightmare” idea that first surfaced about five years ago. In it, we’d learn how neighbourhood molester Fred Krueger got his just desserts at the hands of the local parents and at the end of the day found himself attached to a certain red stripy pullover.

Of course, there’s been very little in the way of news on it since – aside from the odd cast member [of “Elm Street” and its sequels] agreeing that it is a good idea. But one thing I failed to take into consideration [and thanks to someone who worked on the movies for pointing this out], is that they’ve tried the origins of “Freddy” story before – via the TV series “Freddy’s Nightmares”, but no one was very interested.

It seems that even if “Freddy’s Nightmares” didn’t happen – Director Wes Craven doesn’t want to touch Elm Street again. "How’s it going out there. Well I just got back from the kickass Fangoria convention and got a bunch of free shit and I got to meet a few of my heros, but one thing that was kinda disappointing was when Wes Craven took the big stage. He dismissed all of the rumors of him being involved in the prequel to Nightmare on Elm Street!”, a scooper tells Bloody Disgusting. “So if there is going to be one, it wont be done by the man himself. He also said he had to have a triple bypass a few months ago, poor guy."

So from reading that it sounds like the idea of a prequel is still on the cards – just not something Wes will be doing. If Ronny Yu has done the great job with “Freddy vs. Jason” that we think he has [by looking at those great trailers] – maybe that’s something he might want to look at.

Anyway folks, the idea’s still floating about – Now, back to those online boards so I can try and get myself this “Elm Street 8-disc” DVD Collection, that I’ve wanted for all so long. Anyone want to help out a fellow Freddy fan?

Interview : David Mickey Evans

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