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Paramount+ to premiere a new movie every week (more sucky news for theaters)

Plus the new trailer for “A Quiet Place Part II” released

Paramount+, like most of their competitors, are promising a new film every week.

In English? Well, while films like “A Quiet Place Part II”* and “Mission Impossible 7” will still get a theatrical release, appearing on the platform shortly thereafter, quite a few other films – also originally planned to be theatrical releases – will be skipping theaters and going straight to telly.

The first pic informed they’d be robbed of a theatrical release is the new Antoine Fuqua/Mark Wahlberg sci-fi flick “Infinite”, which was originally due to release on the big screen in September. That one will now be available on Paramount+ exclusively in June.

As we speak, a cavalcade of producers are probably being informed that their big theatrical hopefuls of 2021 are also going to bypass theatres in the hope they can be used to lure people to Paramount+.

I dunno about you but I feel nauseous. Theaters will always be around, sure, but just how many and how much of a loss will they be running at?

Meantime, heads up Aussie readers! Paramount+ will launch in your neck of the woods August 11. It’ll set you back a $AU 8.99 – so about the price of an upsized Happy Meal.

*speaking of, check out the final trailer. Movie is finally coming out so this’ll be the last peep before it releases I’d say.

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