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Parenthood star plays the Wahlberg role in TV adaptation of Ted

Seth MacFarlane back as the NSFW Teddy Bear!

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“Parenthood” alum Max Burkholder will play John Bennett, the role Mark Wahlberg played in the “Ted” films, for Peacock’s “Ted” series.

Seth MacFarlane is set to reprise the voice of the iconic and loveable foul-mouthed teddy bear Ted, with Giorgia Whigham (“The Punisher”) and Scott Grimes (“The Orville”) also onboard.

MacFarlane will also direct, write, co-showrun and executive produce all episodes alongside co-showrunners, writers and executive producers Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh (”Modern Family”).

It’s 1993 and Ted the bear’s moment of fame has passed, leaving him living with his best friend, 16-year-old John Bennett, who lives in a working-class Boston home with his parents and cousin. Ted may not be the best influence on John, but when it comes right down to it, Ted’s willing to go out on a limb to help his friend and his family.



SETH MacFARLANE (The Orville, Ted & Ted 2, Family Guy) will play the role of “Ted,” a foul-mouthed, pot-smoking teddy bear brought to life by the magic of a little boy’s wish.

MAX BURKHOLDER (Parenthood) will play the role of “John Bennett.” John is a good guy and likeable teen who is, however, still in his awkward phase. With Ted’s help, John is doing his best to navigate adolescence.

GIORGIA WHIGHAM (The Punisher, 13 Reasons Why) will play the role of “Blaire Bennett.” Blaire is a smart and politically correct college student who’s living with her Uncle Matty, Aunt Susan and younger cousin John. She is not afraid to be outspoken and frequently clashes with her more traditionalist family.

SCOTT GRIMES (Oppenheimer, The Orville) will play the role of “Matty Bennett.” Matty is a blustering, blue-collar Bostonian who thinks he is the unequivocal boss in the family, and doesn’t like anyone challenging him, particularly his liberal-minded niece, Blaire.

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