Paw Patrol: The Movie Review : A good one for its many tiny fans!

Will you be taking the kids in your life to check out PAW Patrol: The Movie?

What am I doing over here reviewing a movie about a bunch of puppies who protect people? Well…I will basically watch anything so now I am here to tell you all about PAW Patrol: The Movie. I have never watched an episode of PAW Patrol, but I know my nephews are fans (but they are around 5 and 3). I am not the “target audience” for this film but children’s entertainment should at least entertain the older viewers in the room.

Does PAW Patrol: The Movie deliver some entertainment for the whole family? On some level, it does. I am not going to say this is on the same level as Pixar or other major animation studios, but it is a fine little film. This was certainly more than I expected than a movie based on a little kids show from Nickelodeon. There is some fun action along the way that is not too elaborate, but it is fun and entertaining enough. The script goes for a few emotional hooks that are cliched but still effective. There are only a few moments in the film where the humor goes too low brow (mostly from the terribly annoying mayor character who is just awful). The animation is solid for a small budget feature, but it is not anything to write home about. There are plenty of big names filling out the supporting cast like Tyler Perry, Jimmy Kimmel, and Kim Kardashian.

Most importantly, does this film work for the kiddos? The PAW Patrol crew is full of fun silly characters that I am sure the kids will enjoy. One of them even goes on a journey to overcome insecurity about his work which will make for a nice relatable story for kids. There is even a cute little dachshund who just wants to join the team. This is a fun character that will connect well with the kids who want the same. The construction worker dog gives plenty of laughs for the kids to enjoy (and they are not even that bad for the adults either). The film will be making all the kids want to take a trip over to Adventure City.

Will you be taking the kids in your life to check out PAW Patrol: The Movie? Whether it is in a theater or on digital, there is some fun here for the whole family. This is a colorful ride with silly characters and fun action. The animation is not incredible, some characters are not enjoyable, and the script is littered with cliches, but it is a sweet and inoffensive movie that the whole family can enjoy.

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