Pratt responds to Indiana Jones rumours

Despite rumours he’s the man for the job, Chris Pratt says he hasn’t been lassoed into a new “Indiana Jones” film.

Would he take it if it comes his way? Sounds like it.

Speaking on the Red Carpet at Sunday’s Oscars, the “Jurassic World” star tells MTV News that talk of him headlining a new “Indiana Jones” movie for Steven Spielberg is simply that at the moment.. talk.

“It’s all nothing until it’s something and so far it’s not something….I don’t think it’s overwhelming to contemplate….It’d be cool. No one’s called me. (There’s) A lot of talk about it. The pressure would come just because it’s such a great franchise you wouldn’t want to get it wrong, so for me it would have to be perfect to do it. We’ll see, like I said it’s nothing until it’s something.”

While it’s true there’s no script or start date yet it makes sense that the studio would want to nail down an actor to play Indiana Jones before anything (still hope they plan to use Harrison Ford in some capacity).

Does this mean Donald Glover may end up Spider-Man!?

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