Renny Harlin looking for someone to write Long Kiss Goodnight 2

A couple of years ago Renny Harlin – and soon after Samuel L.Jackson – mentioned that he was developing a sequel to his ’90s hit “Long Kiss Goodnight”. The film wouldn’t feature Geena Davis’s character but Jackson’s sidekick – promoted to fully-fledged lead.

No movement on the project yet, though Harlin tells Den of Geek! that it’s still on his to-do card.

“I’m right now looking for a writer who would have the same incredible sensibilities in terms of character, humour and action”, Harlin tells the site, in-turn confirming Shane Black won’t be back.

“Sam [Jackson] is hundred percent committed, he’s hundred percent on board,” said Harlin. “My plan is to focus on a story about Geena’s daughter, who was six years old in the original and would now be about twenty-one. It’s actually gonna be sort of a buddy story between Geena’s daughter and Sam.”

Harlin told Moviehole in 2009 well, roughly the same thing he told Den of Geek! this week :

Moviehole caught up with Renny Harlin, out spruiking his new film “12 Rounds”, to get the low-down.

”You know I would love to [make the sequel] and Ive talked about it but its definitely a rumour. Right now there’s nothing really cooking on it”, says the Finnish filmmaker. ”But I do have a story line for it, that I worked out and I know exactly what would happen and I think it would be fantastic and I can reveal as much as saying it would be Sam Jackson to his misfortune crossing paths with Geena Davis’s daughter from the first movie who in the first movie was about six years old and who would now be about 19 or 20. And poor Sam Jackson getting involved with something he completely doesn’t want to get involved in.”

Of all the films he’s made, Harlin says “Long Kiss Goodnight” is his favourite.

”It is definitely. For me its just very simple. Its a movie that had a really good screenplay which meant that I was able to get really good actors and its always challenging to make a movie but it sure makes it easier when you have a good screenplay like in that one. When you have characters that are complex and you have good drama, and have some humour, and some good action, you kind of have all the ingredients. When you have that you dont even need some crazy special effects you just need to let the characters do their thing. It was a great experience.”

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