Rumor Time : Commando reboot with Arnie & Sly?

Has producer John Davis’s long-gestating reboot of ’80s classic “Commando” secured the services of not only original star Arnold Schwarzenegger but his sometime-collaborator Sylvester Stallone?

That’s what Patreon scooper Daniel Richtman has heard.

No surprise that producers would want Schwarzenegger back – his John Matrix is one of his most treasured roles, up there with the T-800 and Douglas Quaid.

Sly though? what we’d his purpose be here? extra muscle? bad guy?

Few years back, it was revealed David Ayer (“Suicide Squad”) had written a draft. No word from the scooper on whether this is the same take.

Fun to think about it, but… well, let’s just wait.

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