Rumour Round-Up : Scarlet Witch, Thor, Jessica Jones, Iron Eagle

It’s about the brand, ya see?

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A few cool rumours doing the rounds today. Let’s see how they pan out, shall we?


Scarlett Witch solo project

After her raves in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” no surprise to hear Marvel Studios  might be keen on having Liz Olsen (‘Wanda/Scarlett Witch’) headline her own solo vehicle.

Says Movie Scope, “I can confirm, via several sources that this project has been given the green light. What exactly this project will be however, is still unknown, although it’s more likely than not that this project will be a Disney+ series rather than a solo movie.”


Krysten Ritter returning as Jessica Jones

Another that isn’t too hard to believe. Per Screen Geek, another of Netflix’s OG superheroes looks to make her return over at Disney+. “Our sources have told us that Krysten Ritter will indeed be playing Jessica Jones for a new MCU project – though we weren’t able to confirm what the project is. While it would be great to see her get a Disney Plus series much like Daredevil, it seems more likely that she’ll first be given some kind of cameo role in a separate project instead.”


Iron Eagle : Chappie

Okay, that’s not the title – as far as I know? – but per Scare, Sony are reportedly considering revisiting their own “Top Gun”-style aviator flick from the ’80s’ “Iron Eagle”. “The stars of the original, Jason Gedrick and Louis Gossett Jr (the OG ‘Chappie’!), are still around and very much still working, so if they go the ‘direct sequel’ route here like Paramount did with “Maverick” a new “Iron Eagle” could definitely work. “Expect a new lead”, I’m told. (Doesn’t mean Gedrick and Gossett can’t still be in it though..)”, says the site.


*** SPOILER WARNING***Thor to feature another Hemsworth

As far as believable rumours go, this is up there : According to Moth Culture, Chris Hemsworth’s bro Liam may have a part in the upcoming “Thor : Love and Thunder”.

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After this weekend, will there be a Top Gun 3?