Scarface director talk : Antoine Fuqua back in talks

Oh this “Scarface” thing is making me nauseous, it’s so much like a roller coaster. Following the loss of David Ayer as director, Deadline is reporting that Antoine Fuqua is back in talks to direct the remake.

Fuqua was attached to the film back in 2016, but then dropped out early last year due to reported calendar conflicts with the studio.

However the Deadline article is stating that the release date of August 10, 2018 has been dropped so the supposed calendar conflicts could be non-existent for Fuqua going forward.

The only problem this now leaves is the lead role, which was pencilled in for Diego Luna. Word is that he’s now an unknown due to potential scheduling conflicts.

Do you understand the nausea now??!!

Let’s hope that this is all cemented soon so this remake can take off as planned.

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