Scarface loses its director…again

The “Scarface” reboot is having a case of director-itis (may or may not be a real thing, but credit me if you use it) after David Ayer bowed out of the production.

Originally, Pablo Larrain was set to direct the film, but then Antoine Fuqua took the reigns…only to drop out once again. Ayer was confirmed earlier this year, but has unfortunately left the reboot, citing scheduling conflicts. Conversely, THR reports that Ayer’s take on the script was “too dark”. No matter the reason, this sets the production back again, and with a release date of August 2018 set, Universal better get moving on his replacement.

Fuqua’s reason for leaving the project was due to scheduling problems, but perhaps at this stage those will have been done and dusted. The good news (for me, who likes good looking people) is that Diego Luna is still attached to play the lead role in “Scarface”, which is a re-imagining of the Al Pacino film from 1983.

This news was originally on Variety.

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