Seth Rogen may be The Batman‘s Penguin

Jonah Hill, tipped to play one of the main Gotham City rogues (either The Riddler or The Penguin – nobody seems to know) in director Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”, has reportedly pulled out of the race. Meantime, Hill’s “Superbad” and “” co-star Jonah Hill has emerged as a new contender to play Oswald Cobblepot.

According to Deadline, talks between the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor and Warner Bros broke down, as they sometimes do on big projects like this. The studio have now moved onto other actors, with “Green Hornet” alum Rogen now under consideration for the part of the fish-feasting fiend.

It was announced earlier this week that Zoe Kravitz had joined the cast as Catwoman. Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright play Batman and Commissioner Gordon, respectively in the June 25, 2021 release.


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