Shang-Chi : The reviews are in!

Reviewers call Marvel’s latest “incredible”, “phenomenal” and “loads of fun”

Seems like Marvel’s latest has the potential to make a few maltesers for Disney – and after what Scarlett Johansson’s lawyer is likely planning to collect from the house of mouse, it could be timely.

“Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings”, opening September 2 locally, is going against the current trend and releasing exclusively in theaters. All eyes are on whether the superhero jaunt, filmed here in Australia, can make anywhere near the biccies at the box office that Marvel films of pre-pandemic times did.

Critics who attend the film’s premiere this week are raving about the film’s superbly-choreographed action sequences and praise the screenplay – calling Dave Callaham’s libretto a better origin story than most of the other comic book movie launches we’ve seen.

Here’s some of the first blobs of feedback for the film!

while I’d love to think I’ll have an opportunity to review the film before release, the lockdown here has been extended looking that unlikely at the moment. It’s getting very difficult to cover the latest releases without links being available, I’ll tell ya.

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