Shooting Heroin premieres on VOD due to Coronavirus outbreak

“Shooting Heroin”, starring “Twin Peaks” alum Sherilyn Fenn and one of the first narrative feature films on the current opioid epidemic in America, will debut on all VOD and EST platforms on Friday, April 3.

The film was originally set for an initial limited national release in two dozen cities and about 100 screens on Friday April 3, but quickly made the move to video on-demand and pay-per-view platforms following the shutdown of almost all movie theatres nationally during the COVID-19 crisis. The film had also been set to premiere at three film festivals in Northern New Jersey, Dallas and Los Angeles, all of which were cancelled.

Director and producer Spencer Folmar, himself a small theatre chain operator and distributor through his company Veritas Films, says, “Like every other filmmaker, we’ve hit a wall with theatrical distribution in these turbulent times, which puts our little indie film on the same footing as Disney as we work to find our audience. And of course that audience is the home viewing audience, hundreds of millions of people who are searching for education and issues-oriented entertainment. We consider ourselves lucky to have VOD distribution of Shooting Heroin in place to offer the public, and hope the media pivots along with us to let the public know we’re out there.” Folmar hopes for theatrical exhibition of the film in the future, and in the meantime is looking at booking the film at some of America’s several hundred drive-in theatres still operating.

“Shooting Heroin” tells the story of a small-town community that comes together to fight back against the spread of drugs “by any means necessary”—a story of a group of vigilante townsfolk who take justice into their own hands to fight for the heart of America, and save the next generation from overdosing and dying.

In addition to Fenn, the film stars Alan Powell, Garry Pastore, Nicholas Turturro, Cathy Moriarty, and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs.

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