Silence those bloody Lambs rumors!

Is Anthony Hopkins going to moisturize his mug in a slab of human face flesh, again?

Fuck no. He saw “Hannibal Rising” too remember.

About 48-hours-ago a news item surfaced suggesting the 71-year-old actor was set to reprise his signature role, that of greasy-haired maniac Hannibal Lecter, for a fourth time. And according to so-called official sources, Ridley Scott, who directed the lackluster but successful “Hannibal”, was eyeing a return to the director’s chair. Oh, and Cate Blanchett is the frontrunner to play Clariiiiiiiiiice..

Dubious? You betcha – and the story isn’t just far-fetched, it’s as false as my grandmother’s teeth.

Not to say the story is a fake – it isn’t, in fact it’s quite real; even the quotes are legit…. thing is, it’s a story from seven years ago.

Why has it only emerged now? Well, either time-traveling Jacob from “Lost” is fucking with with the movie nerds, or “It’s an old New York Post story – one without a date, that’s suddenly popped up in Google News”, a friend from Universal tells us via email. “The NY post website probably reposted a few archived articles, and unfortunately Google has picked this one up, believing it’s re-posted date to be the same day the story was written. They even quote a Variety article in there – you’re going to be hard-pressed to find such an article at Variety after 2001. Bottom Line : It’s the old pre-“Hannibal” story getting another-run again. There’s no new movie”.

Of course there’s not. Don’t people remember who was tipped to replace Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling before Julianne Moore got the “Hannibal” gig? Cate Blanchett. And why did Jodie Foster opt to do that film in the first place? She – as this ‘new’ article suggests – was busy directing the long-gestating “Flora Plum”. You only have to do a web search for “Hannibal” news items to see that this new item is a near replica of ones published pre-911. Even the quotes are old.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news folks, but… Wait!, this isn’t bad news at all, we all saw the first “Silence of the Lambs” sequel, right?!

Interview : Amanda Tapping

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