Sinister and Upgrade producers doing The Lost Boys re-vamp!

Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martell set to star

With Rob Thomas’s TV series adaptation not passing muster with The CW brass, Warner Bros have instead decided to simply do a new “Lost Boys” movie.

“End of the F***ing World” director and EP Jonathan Entwistle is on board to direct the redo, with Ray McKinnon – who is already working on Warner Bros. and DC’s ”Static Shock” project – writing.

Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martell will star in the film (presumably in the roles originated by Corey Haim and Jason Patric, respectively in the 1987 original).

The film will be produced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger of Automatik, whose many credits include “A Haunted House”, “The Lords of Salem”, “Honey Boy”, “Dreamland”, “Upgrade”, “Destroyer” and “Sinister”.

“The Lost Boys” (1987)

The “Lost Boys” pilot that Thomas (“Veronica Mars”, “iZombie”) has been trying to get going for the last few years has gone through many incarnations.

Thomas had still been keen to do the series as recently as a year ago.

The TV wunderkind told Deadline :

It’s been four years that I have been playing around with Lost Boys, trying to get it made.

Two years ago, I wrote a very outside-the-box version of it. The network didn’t want to go that far outside the box. So fortunately, the writer who is working on it right now, Heather Mitchell, loves the original movie and is eager to make the series look a little bit more like the original Lost Boys. It’s two human brothers showing up in this California beach town with the amusement park and a vampire infestation. It’s going to have a lot in common with the movie.

I had a way I wanted to do it that was exciting to me. Once the network didn’t want to do it, I was eager to give them the version they would like to put on the air, usually that’s just smart television producing. I think it would’ve been very hard for me but I love that she is doing it, I love that she is a big enough fan of the movie that she wants to keep it a lot more recognizable.

Medalion Rahimi and Dakota Shapiro starred in the original “Lost Boys” pilot.

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