You’ve got to wonder if it’s brave or just downright stupid to release comedy flick “Sisters” against the highly anticipated (that’s probably an understatement) “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Sure, on paper it makes sense; here’s a chick flick that the girlfriends who aren’t interested in spaceships and laser beams can enjoy while their significant other watches “Star Wars”. But it has to be said that “Sisters” is not just a lightly amusing chick flick. In fact, I’d go as far as to say “Sisters” is the funniest film of the year, and while it boasts a female-lead cast and a veteran female writer, “Sisters” has something  (something significantly brilliant) for everyone – and that means you too gents.

Written by “Saturday Night Live” writer Paula Pell, “Sisters” combines the hot comedy duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as the titular siblings who find out their parents have sold their childhood home. Returning home to Florida, career-driven nurse Maura (Poehler) and reckless, unemployed, single mum Kate (Fey) set out to throw one last party at the house, just like the ones they were renowned for hosting back in their high school days.

It must be said straight up, Pell’s writing is brilliant. Despite an unnecessary gaff involving a music box and a man’s anus (I’ll leave you to put that one together for yourself…) the script is packed with hilarious gags and witty one-liners. Credit here also needs to go to Poehler and Fey, who deliver the jokes with palpable chemistry, apparent ease and infectious energy.

“Sisters” is without doubt one of the funniest films I have seen in a long time, and should do well despite opening in the shadows of the biggest fan film event of the year. That said, by now we’re well aware that “should do well” doesn’t always translate to “will do well”, but I won’t hesitate to recommend it to chick flick lovers and “Star Wars” fans alike. Oh, and I think those of you who fall somewhere in between will enjoy this film too – the hundred or so people who saw it in the theatre with me certainly did.

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