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Soapbox : Batwoman and Jungle Cruise casting

There’s plenty of backlash amid Hollywood about appropriate casting choices – just recently Scarlett Johannson got forced out of her role to play a transgender in “Rub & Tug”.

In the days of social media, it’s easy for audiences to have a say about what they want in movies – more diversity seems to be the key. Actors of colour, and of all sexualities are being demanded, and if a director chooses the wrong person? Oh, they’ll know it.

Jack Whitehall is one of the latest to suffer the brunt of the lynch mobs. Though he was cast in “Jungle Cruise” months ago, it’s only now that people are speaking up, having just found out he will play an openly gay man, quoted as being “hugely effete, very camp and very funny”. The only ‘problem’ is that Whitehall is straight, so social media has exploded, with people claiming that the role will just enforce stereotypes.

To be honest, I’m not sure when Hollywood had to become so PC, as people playing effeminate gay characters isn’t exactly a new concept. Has no one seen “Little Britain”? Secondly, if anyone is familiar with Whitehall’s comedy, we know that he will be fantastic in this role. On a third note – the job of an actor is exactly what their job title states: acting. The whole point of their job is to be someone that they’re not.

That brings me to poor Ruby Rose. Like Kelly Marie Chan of “Last Jedi” fame, Rose has been forced off Twitter following some harsh comments about her recent casting as Batwoman. The openly-gay actress has been criticized for playing a lesbian character. SHE IS GAY, PEOPLE. So now we’re saying a gay person can’t play a gay character? Ummm…I’m officially confused. Decide what you want, everyone.

In no way am I stating my opinions on homosexuality, on politics, on religion, or on any other topic that breeds conflict. I’m stating that bullying and acting like you’re entitled to something from a film, which by definition is designed purely for entertainment, is just NOT okay. This is what drives people to the depths of depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

Whether you like these actors or not, enough with the damn lynch mobs. Save your energy for something that is truly offensive, rather than a lesbian actress playing a lesbian character.

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