Something is filming at iconic Twin Peaks location…

Why was the ‘Double R-Diner’ (or Twedes, as it’s known to locals) hosting a film crew late last week?

Could it be….?

While there’s been significant ammo lately to suggest another season of “Twin Peaks” might be on the way, and some film crews in Washington would suggest something may be coming back into style, I’m afraid to announce the fourth season hasn’t secretly commenced filming.

A post on the Twin Peaks Tour Facebook page on October 26 led to speculation that cameras might already be rolling in North Bend, WA. While cameras were indeed rolling, seems it wasn’t for a Dale Cooper-eating-Pie sequence.

A local was quick to dampen fevers, confirming that a commercial was being filmed at the diner for a bank.


So while it’s possible that commercial might indeed have a “Twin Peaks” theme to it, it’s not exactly what we’ve been crossing our digits for.

Guess it was always unlikely that this was for the series anyway, what with David Lynch in Los Angeles this weekend accepting his honorary Oscar. Congrats, David! And well done, AMPAS – it’s about bloody time!


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