Studio Briefings


Some various casting & news bits & pieces from around the web today, with thanks to “Variety”, “The Hollywood Reporter”, The Guardian, Cinematical & Bloody Disgusting:

“Variety” has broken the news that Jim Carrey will be starring in “Yes Man” for “The Break-Up” director, Peyton Reed. Carrey stars as guy who decides that in order to start turning his life around, he will begin saying yes to everything that comes his way – I’m sure all sorts of whacky hijinks will ensue. Filming will start this October, and Carrey will then begin work on Robert Zemeckis’ version of “A Christmas Carol”.

The guys over at Bloody Disgusting caught up with Electra and Elise Avellan, AKA the Babysitter Twins from Grindhouse, and they dropped some news regarding the (still possible) “Grindhouse” follow-up: “Robert [Rodriguez] said he’d do it [Machete] and asked for us to be in it… Robert wants to do GRINDHOUSE 2 with [the two films being] “Machete” and “The Babysitter Twins… Robert mentioned something about the end of the world and Hollywood action films, where we’d be trained in Mexico to come back here and fight… Hollywood starts fucking with us so we start killing… we [would] kill Harvey Weinstein in the movie, although that’s just talk now right.”

Will Arnett, who was so incredible in “Arrested Development” that I’ll forgive him for “Let’s Go To Prison” is in negotiations to star in “Matchbreaker” according to Cinematical. The story would involve Will playing a guy that is hired to quickly end relationships, and comes up against some stiff opposition in the form of a woman with a very rich & powerful family.

“The Hollywood Reporter” tells the public at large that Joel Schumacher is in talks to direct a remake of “Daai si gin”, AKA “Breaking News”, which sounds a little “Dog Day Afternoon” reversed in principle – a Detective turns the hiding place of a group of Bank Robbers into a national media event in order to pressure them into surrendering. Johnnie To was the man behind the original – I haven’t seen it myself, but I hear it’s very good – we’ll have to wait & see if Schumacher can make something good out of it as well.

“The Guardian” is reporting that Daniel Craig has just become the highest paid actor in the United Kingdom after securing a 13 million pound payday for the next two 007 flicks. The Guardian sites unnamed media outlets, saying that Craig will receive 5 million pounds for Bond 22, followed by a bump to 8 million for the third outing. Now – I was under the impression that Craig had already been contracted for several films – so I’m not sure what’s going on here…..

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