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Teaser Trailer : Artemis Fowl


Teaser Trailer : Artemis Fowl

Based on Eoin Colfer’s novel and directed by Kenneth Branagh

Courtesy the mouse factory, the first trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s spiffy-looking magical kidnap movie “Artemis Fowl” has arrived – a full 9 months ahead of its release.

The dark[er] take on Eoin Colfer’s bestselling novel stars Judi Dench, Josh Gad, Nonso Annozie, Tamara Smart and Miranda Raison and cocerns elves, fairy fold, criminal masterminds and a Harry Potter-like hero.

As per the book, “Artemis Fowl” goes a little like this : Descended from a long line of criminal masterminds, 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl finds himself in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful, hidden race of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance. Newcomer Ferdia Shaw plays the title character, with Lara McDonnell (Love, Rosie) playing Captain Holly Short, a feisty, spirited elf, who is kidnapped by Artemis for a ransom of fairy gold.

The film is said to be based on the first two novels of eight “Artemis Fowl” novels.

Branagh directs from a script by playwright Conor McPherson.

“Artemis Fowl” releases August 9, 2019.

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