Those two Star Trek movies are now going ahead?!

New rumors suggest that Paramount is fueling the Enterprise, gearing up to put to film two long-proposed “Star Trek” ideas.

The first, an edgy take by indie movie gangster Quentin Tarantino, is said to be inching forward after it was seemingly placed on the back-burner -like every other “Trek” script or proposal – once those lowly numbers on “Star Trek : Beyond” (2016) came in.

The sweet news that QT’s ‘Trek’ might be showing signs of life comes from oft-reliable writer Daniel Richtman (via his Patreon page), but he’s on skinny on details.

As you’ll recall, Tarantino wrote a proposal for the brand that’s been described as both an earthbound 1930’s gangster movie and “Pulp Fiction in Space” – – sounds like two conflicting ideas to me?  Mark L.Smith wrote the script for that one.

Chris Pine is said to be returning as Captain James T.Kirk in both that film and a second — the latter of which might premiere on… television.

The on-again off-again on-again “Trek” film that would team Pine’s Kirk with Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk (reprising the role he played in J.J Abrams’ 2009 film) is apparently back on the cards.This was the film Paramount were all gung-ho for before a fee blow-up (the actors and the studio couldn’t agree on wages) saw the project docked.

Surprisingly, per Giant Freakin Robot, the Kirk-and-Kirk film will likely premiere on the studio’s streaming platform Paramount+ in a push to boost subscribers.

This one is a little hard to believe but apparently William Shatner is also being courted for a role in the film – making it a full-blown ‘Kirk’ team-up movie – but that doesn’t mean Shatner’s keen on squeezing into the Starfleet garb.  I’d love to see it happen… but I just don’t see it happening.

Watch this ‘space’ for more.

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