Tom Cruise as Lethal villain!?

“Mission : Impossible” star rumored for bad guy role in Mel Gibson sequel

This would no doubt broaden the appeal of the next “Lethal Weapon” sequel.

The long-gestating fifth installment of the WB franchise, said to be finally gearing up after umpteen script rewrites over the years, is rumored to be eyeing unyielding box-office champ Tom Cruise as its villain.

Cruise, who has turned in sporadic but sublime performances as bad guys over the years (see “Collateral” or “Interview the Vampire”), would no doubt have to be convincingly coaxed, tricked or strong armed into joining a franchise that’s admittedly not his own –  in this case, “Lethal Weapon” is Mel Gibson’s – than his own. Still, ya never know? Maybe he’s interested in hamming it up as a big bad, and giving Martin Riggs a hard swift boot in the chin!?

Interesting rumor from Daniel RPK on Patreon. Any truth to it? Guess we’ll find out one way or another in due course.

“Lethal Weapon 5”, which will reunite Gibson and co-star Danny Glover as Roger Martaugh, will reportedly again be directed by series staple Richard Donner, 91.

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