Tom Hanks eyes Geppetto role in Pinocchio

Having spent so much time over at ADR Burbank, and fearing he might lose his cushy car park if he moves on, Tom Hanks is looking to stick with his “Toy Story 4” employer for a few more months.

The Oscar Winning actor, whose voice is again part of the “Toy Story” ticket next summer, is eyeing a reunion with the house of Mouse on their live-action “Pinocchio”.

The feature, to be directed by “Paddington” helmer Paul King, will follow a slew of other recent human-led adaptations of the studio’s classics – like next summer’s “The Lion King”.

Hanks would play the puppeteer himself, Geppetto, in the remake, which is set to go before the cameras soonish… before the novelty of all these ‘toons turned real-life movies’ wears off for audiences, anyway.

Originally released in 1940, but played again and again and again on your home VHS player, “Pinocchio” was the second animated film made by Disney, after 1937’s ‘’Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’’.

Chris Weitz and his Depth of Field partner Andrew Miano are producing the pic, which Simon Farnaby wrote.

Guillermo del Toro has been toying with a “Pinocchio” project of his own – one that, at one stage, had Robert Downey Jr in sight for the Geppetto role – with Netflix agreeing to bankroll and release it.

Hanks is set to shoot the sci-fi project “Bios” in February, for Amblin, while Disney want to get going on “Pinocchio” in May. That seems to be the only snag at this stage.

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