TV Reboot News : Frasier, Sliders, Drake & Josh

Kelsey Grammer hints that he and the entire cast of ’90s hit “Frasier” are onboard for a revival – but he first needs to settle on a story.

“We’re shopping for the right idea because I don’t think we should just pick up where we left off”, the actor tells This Morning. “Will and Grace has done a continuation, which is like the next day after they were last on the air – they picked up right where they left off. I don’t think that’s appropriate for Frasier.

“He was leaving town at the end of the show previously, he was going to go and explore his life in Chicago with his new lady love. Whether that went badly or it went swimmingly, who knows, these are all themes we need to settle on and figure out what he’s going to do next.

A new actor will be cast to play Frasier Crane’s grown-up son Freddie. “My son Freddie would be 30 years old, people have postulated many ideas about what he might be – anything from cabaret singer to policeman.

“I tend to go with a reincarnation of Martin’s character, so he picked up on more from his granddad than his dad. That’s the one I like.”



Speaking at the Toronto Comic Con over the weekend, “Indiana Jones” and “Lord of the Rings” star John Rhys-Davies let slip that he’s trying to get a reboot of his ’90s small screen hit “Sliders” going.

The series, which ran from 1995 and 2000, starred Rhys-Davies and Jerry O’Connell as time-travelers who use a wormhole to ‘slide’ between universes.

“Jerry had been pestering me for a number of years and we’re actually talking to NBC at the moment to see if there’s any possibility of rebooting the series,” Davies said (via Flickering Myth). “They’re looking into the basic question of who actually owns it? At the moment we don’t seem to be able to find that out.”

He continued, “I would do it again, if just to show how it should be done. It could have been the best show on television, it could still be on the air. I think maybe if we got another chance at doing it with the new technology, but also new stories, I think we could do something quite extraordinary. I wouldn’t want to do it for the rest of my life, but I would do it for a season or two if it was right.”


Are “Drake & Josh” headed back to TV?

At Thursday’s iHeart Radio Music Awards, Drake Bell told People that a reboot of the Nickelodeon sitcom is in the works, and will feature himself and costar Josh Peck.

“We’re working on something,” the musician and actor said. “I’m excited. I think we have a great idea.”

Numerous networks are said to be interested in the revival, which “is going to be way more creative, way cooler than just, you know, the college years or something like that,” Bell said. “We knew that if we were ever going to come back, it’s got to be something cool. I’m excited to see what the fans think.”

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