Village Roadshow’s Cinnamon adds Wayans, Grier

“My Wife and Kids” and “Jackie Brown” stars board thriller


The thriller “Cinnamon”, a thriller that follows a struggling small-town gas station attendant and aspiring singer, Jodi Jackson (Tony nominee Hailey Kilgore “Raising Kanan”) whose life is sent into a tailspin when there’s a robbery at work, is in production in Atlanta.

“Cinnamon ” is the first movie filming under the recently announced deal with Village Roadshow Pictures to produce multiple films from Village Roadshow Pictures’ “Black Noir Cinema” initiative.

Golden Globe nominee Pam Grier is set to play MAMA, the undisputed head of her family’s criminal organization with her son James (Jeremie Harris “Legion”) executing her wishes.

Emmy nominee Damon Wayans plays WALLY, the owner of the convenience store that gets robbed. He’s a businessman who also owns a used car lot that has made him a fixture on local TV commercials. Wally is deeply in debt to James and Mama; he borrowed money from them to start his businesses, is badly over-extended, and has been aggressively cooking the books to give himself a better lifestyle and maximize his profits (by cheating his partners).

“Cinnamon” also stars David Iacono (“The Flight Attendant”) as Eddie, Jodi’s fiercely devoted boyfriend and music manager.

Set to debut later this year, “Cinnamon” is written and directed by a rising award-winning filmmaker, Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. and produced by Kevin Garnett and his Content Cartel Studios along with iconic director/producer Oz Scott.

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