What does Charlie Cox think of Affleck’s Daredevil?

One of the big treats currently streaming on your telly is “Daredevil”, over at Netflix. A no-holds-barred, gritty crime-thriller that just happens to take place in superhero-ville (that, I bet, was the pitch for “Gotham” too; sadly, the show isn’t as good as it’s plotline), the show stars Charlie Cox as the Man Without Fear, and an ensemble supporting cast that are sturdier than a superglued stool. What most people who haven’t yet seen the show are asking is, ‘is it just like the Ben Affleck movie?’ and the question, of course, is no. But no beef for making the assumption, after all Cox himself had to pop the “Daredevil” movie in the player to see for himself, too.

“It might sound funny, but I hadn’t seen the movie, but I have heard about it. Good and bad things. So I wasn’t sure whether it would help if I see it or not. But people had such great and fundamental opinions about it, so I thought maybe it would be fun to watch it after all to learn what it was about”, the actor tells Skewed and Reviewed. “In my opinion Ben Affleck did a good job but there were quite a couple of inconsistencies in the plot which bothered me slightly. And without being unkind, I think tonally the whole story was a little confused. You know the storyline of Daredevil versus Bullseye were almost like two different movies.”

And he’d be right, there was just too much going on in that movie (was anybody from the “Daredevil” comics left out!?) and Colin Farrell’s Bullseye did seem to be playing to a different audience. But mostly, it was clearly a Frankenstein-ien effort – entertaining, sure, but still… stitched quilt filmmaking.

“It was very evident as soon as I had put that DVD on that we were planning to do something completely different”, Cox continues. “We of course have the benefit of 13 hours in total to tell our story, so we have much more time and could start our storyline from the early beginning. We get the time to get back to DD’s origins and how it all started for him.”

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