White, Crump, Owen star in Sudden Death 2

Action staple Michael Jai White (“Undisputed” franchise, “The Dark Knight”), fresh off flapping flares and kicking butt on “Undercover Brother 2”, is reuniting with Universal’s direct-to-disc division for a sequel to Jean-Claude Van Damme classic “Sudden Death”.

The follow-up to John Hyams’ 1995 super-super-super-entertaining Diet-“Die Hard” is before the cameras in Winnipeg under the direction of “THRILLER” helmer Dallas Jackson. As in the original film, it’s up to an audacious security guard to fend off gun-toting rogues in a crowded sports arena.

Marrese Crump (“The Protector 2”) and comic Gary Owen also star in “Sudden Death 2” (aka “Welcome to Sudden Death”).

Considering the locations they’re utilizing, and the top-caliber director and star, I’m confident this is going to be well worth keeping tabs on.

Griff Furst and Kim Todd are producing for 1440 Productions and Universal Home Entertainment.

The production wraps September 4.

Credit : @djclassicz/

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