Willem Dafoe to play ‘Gonzo journalist’ in Arquette debut

Camilla Morrone also joins the cast of “Gonzo Girl”

Warner Bros

“Spider-Man : No Way Home” alum Willem Dafoe will join Patricia Arquette in her feature directorial debut “Gonzo Girl”.

Based on the acclaimed same-name novel by Cheryl Della Pietra, and adapted by Rebecca Thomas and Jessica Caldwell, the Rh Negative Entertainment and Catch & Release Films’ production is set in the ’90s with Camilla Morrone playing an aspiring writer charged to assist ‘gonzo journalist’ Walder Reade (Dafoe).

Says Deadline, “…living in his compound / party house in Aspen. Under orders to help the famously chaotic Walker settle down to work on his long-promised latest blur of fact and fiction, Alley soon learns the truth: a lifetime of chronic substance abuse has chipped away at Walker’s writing ability, until all he can produce from his drug-drenched brain are pages of word salad. Obliged to help a manic, sodden blowhard get through one relatively uncreative day after another, Alley begins to transform Walker’s rants and raves into publishable prose by running it through the filter of her own mind and her own typewriter, an act of moral support / plagiarism / treachery that keeps Walker’s career alive — for a few more months.

“Medium” and “True Romance” star Arquette will play the role of ‘Claudia,’ the minder and manager for many years, of “gonzo journalist” Walker Reade.

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