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Wolverine series in early development at Disney+ !?

It’s a given that Marvel were going to reintroduce the “X-Men” sooner rather than later, now that the mansioned mutants are back under the same umbrella as their rest of their comic book counterparts, but is one X-Man going to make a reappearance before the rest of the crew?

According to the oft-reliable folk at That Hashtag Show, Marvel and Disney+ are in early development on a Wolverine Anthology series that would tell a different yarn, from a different point in Logan’s life, each season.

Since Wolverine is immortal and has a multitude of stories to tell, each season will focus on a particular story within the Wolverine mythos. Think like American Horror Story, where there’s a season long plot and then it resets.

Kevin Feige are confident that an anthology series can safely explore Wolverine’s vast history without affecting any role that he would have in an X-Men film.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in “X-Men”

This is the first I’ve heard of a Wolverine series – and I like it. It’s a very smart way to go. There’s a goldmine of possible stories to choose from, when you consider all those great comic book arcs, and it’s also an opportunity to get into the scarred make-up of the character, something only “Logan” managed to do and do well if belatedly.

There was a whisper a while back that Hugh Jackman – who hung up his claws* a couple of years back via a brilliant swansong by James Mangold –  had suggested to Kevin Feige a certain young actor friend** of his for his old role, should the MCU be considering a new “X-Men” and be at a loss for good Wolvie potentials.

It would seem Marvel are trying out their new claw-fangled weapon on the small screen, before anything else, but I guess that doesn’t necessarily ruled that actor out. Hell, whoever thought Ewan McGregor (“Kenobi”) or Kevin Costner (“Yellowstone”) would consider television!? We live in a new age.

*not to say Jackman couldn’t return down the line, should he decide, by way of a multiverse storyline.They’re all the rage right now.

**his name rhymes with Crack Methron.

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